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Photo World Tours offers you photo tours to capture the best photography locations with your camera. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, our workshops are thought to enjoy the passion of photographing the most amazing spots on Earth. Adventures all-around the world to photograph landscapes, architecture, wildlife, and cultures. With a complete logistic plan to make you enjoy it.

We do not offer just our travel photography workshops, also we share with you our blog tips for photo travelers. From the moment you start to like photography, you will start to dream about traveling to your favorites spots. Our mission’s that you enjoy the trips since the first moment to your back home. Then you will look back in your memory and see that dreams come true. 

Great accommodations, comfortable transports & all safety measures to make your trip a complete experience. Travel with professionals and experienced leaders and come back home with your dream photos. Together with our award-winning photographers and as official tourist tour operators, you can trust us to enjoy a complete trip focus on photographers like you.

Whether you join our trips or photo workshops, we will help you to improve your photography skills during your holidays. We will teach you from composition to techniques in the field. Our selection of the best photography tours in the world is your opportunity to learn & travel.

Also in our online photography classes, we can help you before and after the trip. In our online private lessons of post-production, we will teach you even when we are not traveling. Learn the professional techniques to process your pics. We are near you before, during, and after the trips!

In conclusion, joining our small group will be your best choice to learn photography while you travel. Whether you travel alone or with friends, our photography travel workshops will make you feel like to be always a family.

Countries Collections

Los Urros, Spain

Spain Photo Tours 

From 995€  
Our collection of workshops in Spain. Photograph the best landscapes of the Iberian Country from North to South.
Diamond Beach, Iceland

Iceland Photo Tours 

From 1,495€  
We offer the best selections of Iceland photo tours. Small groups to capture Northern Lights in winter or Midnight sun in Summer.
Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

Japan Photo Tours 

From 3,250€  
Visit the country of the rising sun in our photo tours, workshops & private/tailor-made travels to Japan with our photographers and local guides.
Russian Federation

Russian Photo Tours 

From 1,250€  
Discover the wilderness landscapes of Russia. The largest offer of workshops from West to East and from South to North to discover the land of the tsars & soviets

2021 Photography Tours

Manhattan, New York City

New York City Photo Tour 

From 1,750€  
7 Days  
Availability : May 23th - 29th  
New York  
Max People : 12  
One week Photowalk in the city of the skyscrapers. Manhattan Architecture & street photography around New York City.
Múlafossur Waterfall, Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands Photo Tour 

From 1,795€  
8 Days  
Availability : Jun 5th to 12th  
Max People : 5  
The most incredible fiords and waterfalls of the islands and their specific wildlife. A week workshop during summer to enjoy every moment.
Tre Cime, Dolomites, Italy

Dolomites Photo Tour 

From 1,995€  1,695€ 
8 Days  
Availability : Jul 7th - 14th  
Max People : 12  
Explore the incredible landscapes of the North of Italy during summer, and enjoy the natural locations of the Alps.
Iceland Summer landscape

Iceland Summer Photo Workshop 

From 2,695€  2,450€ 
10 Days  
Availability : Jul 14th - 23th  
Keflavik airport  
Max People : 12  
Enjoy the Midnight sun in breathtaking landscapes in the world. Waterfalls, mountains & seascapes with the best moment of light.
Windmills Amsterdam, Netherlands

Netherlands Photo Tour 

From 2,195€  1,795€ 
9 Days  
Availability : Jul 24th - Aug 1st  
Max People : 12  
Amsterdam architecture, windmills & the most famous spots of the most cousy European country. 10 Days to learn & enjoy.
Namibia Photography Tour

Namibia Photo Tour 

From 4,450€  3,800€ 
12 Days  
Availability : Aug 1st to 12th  
Max People : 6  
Visit the most impressive African National-Park and the World-Heritages of Namibia in our trip around the most breathtaking destinations in the country. The best itinerary for photographer travelers.
Kamchatka, Russia

Kamchatka Photo Tour 

From 2,895€  
14 Days  
Availability : Aug 15th - 28th  
Max People : 10  
Volcanoes, night skies & wildlife around the Kamchatka Peninsula. A real adventure to Russian Alaska with local guides and professional photographers.
(1 Review)
Cantabrian Sea, Spain

Cantabrian Photo Workshop 

From 1,895€  1,550€ 
9 Days  
Availability : Aug 28th to Sept 5th  
Max People : 12  
Cantabrian seascapes, mountain landscapes & Iberian culture. The most complete trip to Spain with our local guides.
Reine, Hamnoy, Lofoten Islands, Norway

Lofoten Islands Photo Tour 

From 1,750€  1,495€ 
7 Days  
Availability : February & September  
Leknes Airport  
Max People : 12  
Arctic Norway landscapes in the most iconic locations of the islands. A week to learn & enjoy at the same time.
Incense factory, Vietnam

Vietnam Photo Tour 

From 2,750€  2,395€ 
15 Days  
Availability : Sept 15th - 29th  
Max People : 12  
Rice fields during the golden season, real culture & traditions, and hidden landscapes. Travel from South to North with local guides.
(3 Reviews)
Eagle hunter in Mongolia

Mongolia Photo Tour 

From 2,950€  
15 Days  
Availability : Sept 30th to Oct 14th  
Ulan Bator  
Max People : 12  
A trip around the nomad country. Photograph the famous eagle hunters & Gobi desert in our 15 days travel.
(2 Reviews)
Etive Mor, Scotland, UK

Scotland Photo Tour 

From 1,950€  
9 Days  
Availability : Oct 15th to 24th  
Max People : 12  
Wilderness landscapes, historical castles & film locations during the British autumn. The highlights in the Scottish Highlands & Isle of Skye.
Asturias, Spain

Asturias Photo Workshop 

From 1,350€  1,095€ 
7 Days  
Availability : From Oct 25th to 31th  
Max People : 12  
Learn all about seascape photography with our local professional photographers. Discover the unknown rocky seascapes & enjoy the culture.
Northern Lights Iceland

Iceland Ring Road Photo Tour 

From 2,050€  1,695€ 
10 Days  
Availability : Nov 6th - 13th  
Keflavik airport  
Max People : 12  
Ring Road in 10 days to capture Northern Lights in the best spots of the Island. A Workshop as any other agency offers.
Kyoto Temple, Autumn in Japan

Japan Autumn Photo Workshop 

From 3,850€  3,595€ 
15 Days  
Availability : Nov 20th - Dec 4th  
Tokyo Narita  
Max People : 8  
Temples, parks & nature during the fall colors. Visit the highlights of Honshu and discover the culture of the rising sun country.
(1 Review)
lake baikal, Buryat, Russia

Lake Baikal Photo Tour 

From 1,595€  
10 Days  
Availability : Jan 21th to 30th  
Max People : 12  
The deepest lake in the world frozen in the middle of the Siberian Winter. An expedition from Irkutsk with local guides for adventure photographers.
Biei landscape during Winter, Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido Photo Tour 

From 3,550€  3,250€ 
12 Days  
Availability : Jan 30th - Feb 10th  
Max People : 8  
12 days to photograph the most amazing Japanese island in winter, minimalist landscapes, and unique wildlife.
russian lapland photo tour Northern Lights

Russian Lapland Photo Tour 

From 1,250€  
8 Days  
Availability : Feb 27th to Mar 6th  
Max People : 12  
Polar landscapes in the Russian Lapland with professional local guides & photographers. All-inclusive to enjoy photography every moment.
(1 Review)
Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Iceland South Coast Workshop 

From 1,695€  1,495€ 
9 Days  
Availability : From March 13th to 21st  
Keflavik airport  
Max People : 12  
Snæfellsnes Peninsula & South coast with the highlights of the land of Ice & Fire. Snowy landscapes with experienced photographers.
Chureito Pagoda & Fuji in Spring, Japan

Japan Sakura Photo Workshop 

From 3,850€  3,595€ 
15 days  
Availability : March 27th to April 10th  
Max People : 8  
Photograph the Sakura with our professional guides. Tokyo, Kyoto, Mount Fuji... the best of Japan in 15 days.
View of Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

North France Photo Tour 

From 1,895€  1,695€ 
10 Days  
Availability : May 8th to 17th  
Max People : 12  
Walks around the treasures of the capital and seascapes of Normany. Iconic buildings and historical spots to improve your photo skills.
Milky Way in Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife Photo Workshop 

From 1,250€  995€ 
8 Days  
Availability : July 4th to 11th  
Max People : 12  
Capture the most beautiful spots of the Canary Islands. Amazing landscapes during the perfect season for night photography in a week workshop.
Imperial Cities Photo Tour

Imperial Cities Photo Tour: Budapest, Vienna & Prague 

From 1,450€  1,195€ 
10 Days  
Availability : Oct 1st - 9th  
Max People : 12  
A workshop around the most beautiful architectural destinations in Europe: Budapest, Vienna & Prague. Medieval streets, breathtaking city views, Cafes, sightseeing, and much more.

Upcoming Travels

fishermen on stilts, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Photo Tour 

Availability : May 9th - 22th  
Explore & photograph the regional diversity of the country. Landscapes, temples, and safaris around the island.
(1 Review)
Boat sailing during the Midnight sun, Greenland

Greenland Photo Tour 

Availability : Jul 3th - 9th  
Explore in a private boat the icebergs and wildlife of Greenland during the long summer sunsets.
Altai mountains, Russia

Altai Photo Tour 

From 2,350€  1,995€ 
Availability : Oct 3th - 14th  
Amazing autumn landscapes of the Altai massif with our photographers & local guides. Capture the autumn in the most beautiful Russian mountains.
(1 Review)
Papua Expedition

Papua Photography Expedition 

Availability : Oct 12th - 25th  
Feel like a National Geographic explorer and follow the Sebastiao Salgado steps. An expedition to a stone age tribe.
Hobbiton New Zealand

New Zealand Photo Tour 

Discover the treasures of New Zealand. Wanaka, Fiordland, Mt. Cook, Catlins, and much more in an adventure to the main islands.
Guilin caustic mountains and Li River, China

China Photo Tour 

From 3,150€  
Availability : Dec 5th - 19th  
Winter Chinese landscapes of Huangshan, Guilin & Zhangjiajie. Photograph also the cityscapes of Shanghai.
NorthWest Pacific USA

Oregon & Washington Photo Tour 

Hidden gems for landscape lovers around the NorthWest Pacific coast. A paradise for photographers of all levels.
Horseshoe, Western USA

Western US Photo Tour 

Majestic landscapes of the most famous National Parks of USA. A road trip around the highlights of American landscapes.
Myanmar, Birmania

Myanmar Photo Tour 

From 2,695€  2,350€ 
Availability : Jan 6th - 16th  
Hidden spots & real Burmese people are waiting for you. Temples, traditions & culture of the most mysterious country with local guides.
yamal expedition

Yamal Photo Expedition 

From 2,250€  
Availability : Mar 6th - 11th  
Live with a group of reindeer herders, and capture the polar lights in an inhospitable habitat. A real expedition to the Russian arctic.
(2 Reviews)
Bali beach, Indonesia

Indonesia Photo Tour 

From 1,695€  
Availability : Mar 12th - 19th  
Rainforests, beaches, ethereal green rice terraces, and volcanoes from Java & Bali. Discover the islands with our professional local guides.
Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Argentina

Patagonia Photo Tour 

Some of the most impressive mountain landscapes in the world. An adventure to the famous spots in the South Andes plateaus and peaks.
Algarve, Portugal

Portugal Photo Tour 

From 1,550€  1,395€ 
Availability : From May 2th to 9th  
Travel around the Algarve seacoast & capture the Lisbon sightseeings. Beaches, coastlines and Portuguese culture.
Provence lavender fields in Valensole, France

Provence Photo Tour 

From 1,750€  1,495€ 
Availability : Jun 27th - Jul 3rd  
The most famous lavender fields in France. A tour during the full bloom with our professional guides in Valensole.

Difference between a Photo Tour & Workshops

There is a typical question in the world of photography about the differences. All our trips are focus to teach all participants, but as you can see in our list of trips, you can find different kinds of trips.

For us, teach & travel is essential on all trips. But we differentiate the tour according to the conditions we can find. Basically, a Workshop is more focused to teach you than showing you a place, so the itinerary can change according to great opportunities that can appear during the trip.  A Photo Tour is focused to follow the itinerary and visit all places always that weather doesn’t make us change plans.

Group discounts in our Travel Photography Workshops

Are you thinking to travel with your family or friends? Looking for a cheap trip? We offer a 3% discount on our travels for your next photography holidays! Simply choose 4 or more persons on any of our trips, and the discount will be applied. Simple, easy, and fast. 

  • Safe payment, return money guarantee if photo tour is not done
  • 100% refund if travel ban
  • Small Groups
  • Group discounts
  • Legal Travel Agency
  • Basic travel insurance
  • Personal assistance, before & during the workshops

Safety Measures

Choosing any photo tour, you can be sure to travel with all safety measures. We offer you now special conditions to book your seat. Simply send us an email and keep your place without any payment. Once we can confirm that we can run the photo workshop, we will proceed to confirm the booking. 

In each page of our trips, you can find a link with updated information about COVID-19. So you can get the last official updates about entering each country from your home. Write us, if you need more info about that. 

Below, you also can see all our safety measures during the photo workshops:

  • Small Group
  • Face masks required for travelers & guides in public areas
  • Face masks provided for travelers
  • Basic travel insurance
  • Hand sanitizer available to travelers and staff
  • Transportation vehicles regularly sanitized
  • 100% refund if travel ban
  • Not payment for booking