Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Photo Tour?

A photo tour is designed to take you to a great location for photography, choosing the best time of year to help you be at these places for the best light. It’s a travel to maximize photographic opportunities with photographic instruction along the way.

How to Book a Photo Tour?

You can use our system to book immediately on each tour page. Also, you can send us a message through the form or contact page. If you have any doubts or problems with the website, you can always give us a call or Whatsapp.

When should I book?

As soon as you want to travel to one of our destinations, you can send us a message. Our booking system now doesn’t require a payment. Due to the actual situation, we wait until the last possible moment for any kind of payment.

Our groups are small, so we never know when they will fill.

How many people go on the trips?

We make small photography tours. Our maximum limit is 6 participants by photographer guide, with a maximum of 12 participants. Anyway, due to these limits, usually, we travel with 2 photographer guides even if there are 7 participants. This way the attention is much more personalized and we can assist you every moment.

When local guides are required, it means that we will be more people to assist you but always keeping the maximum of 6 participants by photographer guide. Also, in photo tours like Japan, the maximum number of participants by the photographer guide is 4 participants.

What level of photography is required?

Our photo tours are open to all skill levels. We will assist and teach you to improve your skills during the trip.

What you will learn during the trip?

Our professional photographer guides will teach you about all aspects of photography. From basic camera settings to professional techniques as focus stacking. But also will improve your composition skills and help you to train your photographic eye before the shootings.

What photo gear do I need to bring?

You can bring everything, from simple mobile devices to professional equipment. We will give you a list of recommendations on each trip, and also we provide professional filters to test for free during our photo tours. But you always will enjoy our trips even if you have basic photo equipment in your bag.

Check our post with general recommendations about what to bring to a workshop or photography tour.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, it’s mandatory in all our Photo Tours. Anyway, we include basic medical insurance in all our tours if you don’t want to contract complete travel insurance.

Are international flights included?

No, due that participants can be all around the world it’s impossible for us to include them in the final price. Anyway, we will assist you to find the best option to reach the final destination.