America Photo Tours

Workshops from South to North America

Check our American Photo Tours and learn photography from South to North. Visit the most incredible locations from Patagonia to Greenland, including the North American National Parks. A continent that is full of natural treasures and millennial cultures. 

Photo Tours around America

Upcoming Photography Workshops in America

  • Horseshoe, Western USA

    Western US 

    Majestic landscapes in the National Parks of USA. A road trip around the highlights of American landscapes.
  • Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Argentina


    Travel across the impressive mountain landscapes of Argentina & Chile. An adventure to the famous spots in the South Andes plateaus and peaks.
  • Boat sailing during the Midnight sun, Greenland


    Explore in a private boat the icebergs and wildlife of Greenland throughout the long summer sunsets.
  • NorthWest Pacific USA

    Oregon & Washington 

    Hidden gems for landscape lovers around the Washington & Oregon coast. A paradise for photographers of all levels.