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  • Recommended if you like landscape photography and want to know everything in detail. To know the best locations but also how to capture with your camera.

    enric perich
    Enric Perich
    Solo Traveller
  • Thanks for this experience! Russia it’s a great place, but visit with this team its a plus to learn photography in the most amazing landscapes of Altai!

    client workshop photography
    Solo Traveller
  • I have made the trip to my favorite country: Namibia. With the company photoworldtours.com with Eduardo. Things are simplified and you access all the dreamed points to photograph, showing the best spots, strategies, etc. that make the situation easy to photograph and fill your card in the camera. Also, the international group atmosphere is created with laughter, anecdotes, and friendships that it generates. Come on, I repeat if they let us to Vietnam, Japan, etc …

    Paco Carbonell
    Couple Traveller
  • Its an incredible experience to visit Lapland in winter, we saw northern lights the most of the days, and all thanks to the team of guides! They was looking in the nights, while we was resting at our hotels, and coming to bring us to the exact positions to capture with our cameras! Thanks, we will repeat the experience!!

    travel tour workshop equipment tripod photographer  photo tour workshop
    Harry Davis
    Group Traveller
  • Excellent professionals! His photographic work is truly impressive. Congratulations! I wish you a lot of success. 👏😀 greetings from Mexico.

    client photo tours
    Amhed Saúl Betancourt Ocampo
    Solo Traveller
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