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Guided Japan Tours to photograph the Land of the Rising Sun

Details of a Japan Photo Tour

Check your favorite Japan photo tour and travel to the rising sun country in our guided tours. Visit Nippon during the Sakura, Momiji, or minimalist landscapes of Hokkaido or magic villages during winter. The Land of the Rising Sun, with plenty of contrasts from the main cities to the small villages.

Our workshops in Japan are always based on small groups tours of 4 participants with a photographer guide. It means that you will get personalized attention during all trips. Each package includes all transport during the trip, accommodations (hotels, ryokans &. hot springs), a professional photographer guide, admission fees, excursions & basic travel insurance.

Travel to Japan & capture the Fuji Five Lakes during our Japan photography workshop tour. Or the winter wonderland & snow-covered sea & of Northern Japan. Here you will find plenty of photo opportunities to capture the traditional Japanese culture. Zen gardens, temples shrines, torii gates… But also the wildlife like the red-crowned, whooper swans, steller’s sea eagles, fish owl

Even if it’s fully booked, contact us for the next trips or new data!

Kyoto Temple, Autumn in Japan

Japan Autumn Nature 

15 Days  
Availability : November 16th to 30th, 2024  
Max People : 4  
Temples, parks & nature with fall colors. Visit the highlights of Honshu and discover the culture of the rising sun country.
From 5,995€  
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Hokkaido Photo Tour


12 Days  
Availability : Jan. 25th to Feb. 5h, 2025  
Max People : 4  
12 days to see this unique Japanese island during winter: minimalist landscapes, and unique wildlife.
From 4,450€  
(1 Review)
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Japanese Alps. Photo Tour

Japanese Alps 

14 Days  
Availability : From February 16th to 27th, 2025  
Max People : 4  
Explore the Japanese Alps on an epic adventure through stunning landscapes and breathtaking scenery.
From 4,250€  
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Chureito Pagoda & Fuji in Spring, Japan

Sakura Road Trip 

15 days  
Availability : March 29th to April 12th, 2025  
Max People : 4  
Photograph the Sakura with our professional guides. Tokyo, Kyoto, Mount Fuji... the best of Japan in 15 days.
From 5,550€  
(3 Reviews)
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What are the best Photography Tours in Japan?

We have designed four different itineraries according to the season around Japanese geography. The Nippon country is one of the most complete international destinations for all kinds of photographers. You can capture everything from architecture, to landscapes, travel photography, or winter scenes.

Check the itineraries of our photography tours to Japan. You will have a great chance to capture the beauty of every city and landscape of the country.

Spring Photo Tour

We visit the main cities of Tokyo & Kyoto, but also Matsumoto, Osaka, or Himeji for example. During these 15 days, the tour is designed to capture the Sakura around the castles & parks. But also we have time to visit the Kiso Valley, Nara, or experience a day with monks in Koyasan including a tea ceremony. And a day tour to photograph the snow monkeys of Jigokudani. And of course, we don’t forget about the main spots around Fuji Five Lakes as the shrine Chureito Pagoda.

Autumn Photo Tour

As before, we do a tour in the main cities and nature spots. During the fall, we also come to the famous landscape of Nikko Valley. And a visit to the Unesco World Heritage of Shirakawa-Go. There we will spend a few days capturing fall colors and visiting autumn leaves festivals. Both trips have a departure from Narita Airport in Tokyo.

Japanese Alps Photo Tour

Discover Japan during winter with our two trips during January & February. Join both tours and get a 500€ discount!

In our Japanese Alps photography tour, you will capture the magic of Shirakawago or Gokayama. Also, we will have time to photograph snow monkeys at Jigokudani Park, hidden torii gates, and waterfalls… an epic adventure that of course also includes Mount Fuji photo sessions.

Hokkaido Photo Tour

During the Hokkaido photography tour, you will enjoy beautiful minimalistic landscapes. Also, Hokkaido offers you the best Japanese wildlife photography trip. We will do a full circle around the northern Japanese Island. A different tour than any European winter tour, like a Norway trip. A tour to capture the red-crowned cranes and whooper swans, and the unique nature of the northeast island of the country.

Inside a Japan Photo Tour

Do you doubt when to do a Japan Photo Tour? As specialists in trips to Japan, we can suggest the best season for your workshop. We have prepared different routes to photograph the main spots. So you can enjoy the beauty of Japan during spring, autumn, or winter.

Autumn & Spring are based on a round trip around the main cities in Central Japan. We will visit the regions of Hakone, Yamanashi, Tochigi, Nara, or Aichi as examples. During these trips, you will be able to take pictures of Tokyo & Kyoto. But also the Snow Monkeys, Koyasan, Osaka. Both have different itineraries, as each season has different things to offer.

Also, all our Japan Photography Tours have included some nights in an Onsens or Ryokans. This way, you can experience also the traditional Japan. Not only when we visit the Torii Gates or the temples & sanctuaries around the spots.

Best season to visit the Land of the Rising Sun

What do you want to see on your next Japan Photo Tour? Japan can be enjoyed all year, but each season has different things to do. If we need to define our group:

  • Spring we focus on Japanese Culture and the cherry blossoms
  • Autumn on the nature of central Japan.
  • Winter on minimalistic landscapes and typical villages.

But all have much more things to do, check our itineraries and write us if you have any doubts about which one to choose.

Private Photo Trips

As an international operator, we also organize handmade Japan Photo Tours. Our photographer guides and locals guides will help you to create your trip. So you can choose to do any similar itinerary that we show you here. Or we can prepare a special itinerary for you in a private photo workshop.

Also, we will choose special accommodations (like hot-spring or Onsen). And define all characteristics you will prefer for your holidays in Japan.

Any of our tours are for everyone interested in visiting sightseeing photogenic scenes. We also go to far locations from the tourist spots of Japan. Even if you are not a photographer, we will bring you to hidden gems. For example, we can suggest places in the Shikoku, Kanazawa, or Kyushu regions.

We customize your private photography tour to visit your favorite spots at the right time. Thanks to our experience, we will offer you infinite possibilities to choose from during your next trip to Japan. If you are a photo lover, you will the photo opportunities that Japan has. But also if you do not need to capture with your camera you will experience breathtaking moments and capture Japanese architectural masterpieces.

Write to us, and we will prepare a perfect private photo tour. We can include the top locations we have in mind or discover new ones according to your wishes. Choose your favorite city, spots, or Prefectures and we will help you to create the best itinerary for you.

Japan photography workshop Map locations


Why the trips are not by train with the Japan Rail Pass?

As we look to be at the right moment in the perfect place, moving by car it’s the cheapest and most comfortable way. Also, as our trips are based on groups of 4 persons with a guide, we move with small vans around Japan. This way we can adapt the schedules to our own interests. If we decided to use the JR Pass and travel by Shinkansen bullet train, we not will have the same freedom.

Can you take pictures in Japan?

For sure, you can take photos in all public places in Japan. You just need to ask for permissions if you have commercial purposes as in most countries of the world. And like other places, you can find the international signs that could tell you to not take photos. If you are not sure, kindly ask a local.
Take a look at our gallery of Photos in Japan!

Can you travel now?

Yes, with the actual situation enter to Japan is possible for almost all countries. You can keep your seat now as bookings are going fast! 

You will need to travel with an official travel agency and get the ERFS certificate. We have our own local agency in Japan, so with us, travel to Nippon is easy!

Which currency is used?

In Japan, the currency is the Japanese Yen.

Don’t think that you can pay everywhere with a credit card in Japan. Although you can’t pay in euros, you can convert once there to the Japanese Yen at the same airport. We suggest changing around 300-500 euros or dollars and use your travel credit card there.

How much money will you need for your trip?

You should plan to spend around ¥3,000 ($28) per day on our photo tours in Japan, which is the average daily price based on meals that are not included.

Why is food so cheap?

It´s because the purchasing power and standard of living of the Japanese are very high. You can buy a decent meal with a low budget. As a basic necessity, Japanese cuisine is relatively inexpensive compared to the level of life in Japan.

Do I need a Visa to enter?

To enter Japan you need a passport and a visa unless you are from a country that is visa-exempt. In case you need it, the Japanese government is going to introduce the e-visa. In case is not currently implemented, you will need to visit the Japanese embassy or consulate to apply for a visa.

What month is the cheapest fly?

According to different flight searches, the cheapest months to take a flight to Japan is from January to April. Although in March is cherry blossoms, you can find economic flights. The high season is summer, so even in November-December, you can find good deals.

Why is tipping rude in the country?

The Japanese culture is based on the belief that the price includes already good service. This way, pay extra can be considered insulting. Respect the cultural rules, even if it looks strange for you. Simply be polite, and say thanks to the waiter or waitress after enjoying the service.

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Kyoto Temple, Autumn in Japan

Japan Autumn Nature 

From 5,995€  
Hokkaido Photo Tour


From 4,450€  
Japanese Alps. Photo Tour

Japanese Alps 

From 4,250€  
Chureito Pagoda & Fuji in Spring, Japan

Sakura Road Trip 

From 5,550€  



The price of these photography tours are based on the participation of a minimum of 4 participants. In case there are not enough participants, the possibility of making the trip will be offered with an increase proportional to the price, or a 100% refund of the total paid.

The last time of exchange rate calculation was January 1st, 2021, the final price can be modified up to 30 days before the tour start.


The accommodations offered are shared double rooms.

You can book an individual room during the process of the book your place for the photo tour or writing us at [email protected]


Meals are not included.


Our tours include basic insurance, we suggest contracting full cover insurance. Contact us to expand your insurance coverage.


Our tours include all internal transports (cars, vans, trains, or flights). We don’t include international flights, but we will guide you at the moment of your booking the best options to arrive to the destiny from your home.


The itinerary mentioned can be changed due to a force major reasons like weather conditions or accidents for example.

Payment & Refunds

To book your place you need to pay 25% of the total cost. The total payment must be made 45 days before the trip.

This tour is done by ¨Photography Tours PhotoWorldTours SLU¨, due to illness or other reasons the trip may be made by another guide.

If the tour doesnt have enough people, refund of the deposit will be done 45 days before the trip starts.


If the client cancel the trip will lose the deposit paid (25%), but refund other payments due this cancellation policy:

– More than 45 days but less than 60 days to the start of the tour: 50% of the total cost of the trip will be refunded.
– Less than 45 days before the trip start: There will be no refund.

Other considerations

Please, check the section “This tour include” and “This tour not include” to know more details about meals, guides or other services include.

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    Cesar Araujo

    Solo Traveller

    Well-used and complete photography tour, with good photography scenes

    21st December 2023

    Andrew Teakle

    Solo Traveller

    The spring tour through Japan was absolutely full of wonderful photographic opportunities and great camaraderie. With only four participants we all got to know each other well and got to see the most beautiful sites. Eduardo was easy-going with good humour (and excellent music taste) and tremendous photographic experience. The accommodations were excellent and this has to be the best value Japan Cherry Blossoms tour on the market.

    19th April 2023

    Nev Lewis

    Solo Traveller

    This Japan tour was not only well organized, but also a lot of fun. We had a great group of photographers with a lot of camaraderie and humor visiting great sites, we would never have found without Eduardo’s fine insight. Highly recommended!

    18th April 2023


    Solo Traveller

    PhotoWorldTour’s JapanSakura tour was both a highlight and a sustained happy pill. In the course of a few days, we traveled in Spanish through large parts of Japan’s most beautiful areas. Eduardo – as well as his lucky mascot Missifou – is the best tour guide I’ve had. Relaxed, funny and so democratically oriented that we called him “our glorious leader” without being the least bit ironic. We stayed in good hotels and got up before sunrise to get the best possible photos. Then a small pause before the next image sequence..etc. Collectively, we covered larger parts of central Japan in a way that we certainly wouldn’t have been able to do without his knowledge. This was fun, simply 🌹

    10th April 2023

    Andreu Ferrer

    Solo Traveller

    Private trip with wide freedom of movement. Eduardo’s professionalism turns any request into something easy and any problem into a trifle.

    25th February 2023