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Mongolia Photo Tour

Eagle Hunters & Gobi Desert Photography Workshop

The Mongolia photo tour is a full travel experience around the nomad country. We will explore from the west, where we will live with the eagle hunters & travel around the Gobi desert living in Nomadic Ger Camps. A travel to photograph the landscapes of Mongolia. But also for portraits of the nomad culture of the country.

Guided by local guides all the time, we will fly to the East to drive around the Altai mountains, photographing the nomad’s lifestyle. During this half of our workshop, we will be able to take photographs of the Kazakh eagle hunters with horses. Discover their habits and experience the hospitality of this culture. We will do overnight in their camps in tents.

In the second half of the travel, we will be driving in the middle of the Gobi desert, close to China. During these days, we will photograph the dunes & rocky landscapes of this area. But also camel herds, nomads, and monasteries in the road.

During our stays in Ulaanbaatar, we will have time to experience the local culture. From here, we will flight to Ulgii, and start our travel to the Gobi desert. All necessary equipment, meals, internal flights, local guides, etc… are included in our package. Complete planning without any extra supplement that you will need during this travel.

This tour will be done once we collect enough people interested


Write us to add to the waitlist, we will tell you the status of the tour and the best dates to be done.


Itinerary Mongolia Photo Tour

Day 1 Arrive in Ulan Bator, Mongolia

Our Mongolia photo tour begins at the Ulan Bator airport, at a time that we will agree. On this first day, we will take the opportunity to get to know each other and rest. After a long journey here, and before the great adventure we will do overnight at our hotel at the capital of Mongolia.

Day 2 Ulgii town - Eagle hunters

Today, we will take a flight to Ulgii (included in the price), to the first of the areas that we will explore in Mongolia. There we will live with the Mongol nomads in the steppe at the foot of the Altai mountains. As soon as we arrive at the airport, we will take our transport to move to the nomads camp.

From the moment of our arrival, we will have the possibility of both talking and photographing them in their daily tasks. In addition, we will have the possibility to carry out our first session at sunset, of these incredible landscapes.

Day 3 Eagle hunters

During this day, after getting up early to do a session at dawn. We will begin to visit the Mongolian landscapes with the nomads dressed in traditional Mongolian costumes and their horses. Also, riding on horseback carrying the golden eagles. During all day we will be able to capture the most iconic Mongolia photography with the nomads and their horses and eagles.

Finally, at night we will return to our camp, where the family of nomads will taste us with typical Mongolian food. Besides, we can take night photography around the ger camp to capture the Milky Way.

Day 4 Eagle hunters

Today will be our last full day in the area with the nomads. We will photograph some of the locations that may have been pending in the previous day. Otherwise, we will visit other locations and views of this area. Or we may even repeat any of the above under different lighting conditions.

Day 5 Khurgan lake

Today, we will awake early in the morning to take our last photographs in the camp, before leaving for the Kurgan Mountains. There we can photograph the magnificent landscapes of the region. Such as the Lake Khoton with snowy peaks in the background or impressive waterfalls around the area.

Our guides set up camp for the next night. We will explore and photograph these landscapes to prepare to photograph the sunset near the lake. In this area, we will do also night photography, as zero light pollution will allow us to take extraordinary night shots.

Day 6 Khurgan lake

To begin the day we will go back to the same lake from which we photographed the sunset the day before. In this case, we will photograph those beautiful reflections in the lake waters. From the shore of it, we can see the incredible Altai mountains in the background.

Today we will dismantle our camp, to resume our journey towards Ulgii, the town where we spent the night a few days before. Thereby, we will have time to rest a bit, recover, and relax after these first days of intense photographic activity in Mongolia.
We will spend the night in the same accommodation where we were at the beginning of the trip.

Day 7 Ulan Bator

Today we will take a flight back to the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator. Thereby, we will spend the day at the capital and rest before embarking on our second part of the journey to the Gobi desert.

Day 8 Bag Gazariin Chuluu

Earlier, we will get up to start our Gobi desert photo tour. After traveling 250 km we will arrive at our first destination, the rock formations of Baga Gazariin Chuluu. Namely, this granite canyon erected in the heart of the steppe will remind us of the Western United States.

For the most part of the canyon’s side, entrances are not very accessible. Otherwise, some allow you to enter and take wonderful walks in this rocky labyrinth, which of course offers us wonderful photographs throughout the tour. After that, at dusk, we will have the possibility to make our first session in this part of Mongolia.

Finally, before returning to the camp where we will have dinner. During the night, we will be able to take some night shoots among the rocks of this impressive canyon.

Day 9 Yoliin Am canyon

Today we will continue our route to Yoliin Am, stopping to photograph the Tsagaan Suvarga (white stupa). Singularly, erosion caused the rock to form these distinctive structures with purple, yellowish, and white colors.

Finally, we will arrive at our destination at noon. There we will meet a new nomadic family that will host us in their camp at night. Once established in the camp, we will drive to the Yolyn Am canyon. Yoliin Am is an oasis in the Gobi desert and is part of the great national park. Likewise, we can photograph both the canyon and the top of the cliffs of the Siberian ibex.

Once the tour is over, we will return to the nomad camp where we will have dinner and rest.

Day 10 Khongoriin else

In the first place, we will continue our journey through the Gobi desert until we reach the “Khongoryn Els” sand dunes. Besides, they are also known as the “singing dunes” since when it is windy the grains of sand rub against each other making a unique sound.

In these landscapes we will camp for two days, being able to take pictures of the desert landscapes with camels.

Day 11 Khongoriin else

During this day, we will explore these impressive desert landscapes of the Gobi. We will walk through its dunes, to capture the camels and the wildest and most inhospitable nature of Mongolia. Throughout the day and especially at sunset, we will have the possibility to photograph the most hidden and impressive landscapes. The Gobi desert is one of the largest deserts in the world and one of the popular Mongolia photography spots.

As every day, at night, we will take night photography. These areas are perfect to capture starry skies due to its low light pollution.

Day 12 Baynzag

Today, during our last full day in the Gobi desert, we will be approaching to photograph the Bayanzag area. The name is based on the tree-shaped bushes, similar to the American Joshua tree. It’s also known as the “flaming cliffs”, given the orange color that glows with the sunlight. The views will remind us of the landscapes of the American West. In addition, this area is known as the first where dinosaur eggs were found, in addition to their bones such as the velociraptor.

As always, we will photograph during sunset, when the rocks will take on even more intense colors. Given the rock formations in the area, we will be able to make magnificent compositions of this part of the Gobi desert. As well as be ready for night photography in the area, where we will camp our last night.

Day 13 Drive back to Ulan Bator

On our last day in the desert, we will take the road back to the capital. We will pick up the camp and head back to Ulan Bator, the capital. We will spend the last night of this workshop, and have time to buy some souvenirs.

Day 14 End of the trip

We will go to the Genghis Khan airport where will finish our Mongolia photo tour.

Locations Map Mongolia

Mongolia Map Tour

Photographer Guide(s)

Photographer Guide Eduardo Fuster

Eduardo Fuster

CEO-Owner / Photographer

Spanish photographer & teacher, diplomate in Art & specialized in Video & Photography. His photos were published in magazines such as National Geographic, Vogue, El Pais, Washington Post … Also worked in Real Estate photography for large luxury companies in the USA. He has also been working for the last 20 years in video design, collaborating on ads campaigns for Nike, Carrefour, Nivea, Hiberdrola, Tourism of Spain… His photographs were recognized in different international conquests. As an example the 1st place in Sunrises & Sunsets 35 awards 2019. Also get honorable mentions in the fine art photography awards 2018,2017,2016, Monochrome visions, 35 Awards 2018 & 2017 as an example. 

More info

Check more our internal & external information about topics concerned to this tour:


Departure & Return Location

Genghis Khan Ulan Bator airport, Mongolia

Price Includes

  • Accommodation in twin rooms in a hotel with private bathroom, Yurts & tends
  • Camping equipment
  • All transportation in destination location including gasoline
  • Domestic plane tickets between Ulaanbaator and Ulgii
  • All meals include from dinner Day 1 till breakfast Day 14
  • Photographer Guide
  • Local guide, driver & cook
  • Basic travel insurance

Price Excludes

  • Flights to & from Ulanbatoor
  • Any Private Expenses including extra drinks
  • Tips
  • Visa, check if you need it
  • Anything not mention in "Price includes"

What to bring to this Tour

  • DSLR or mirrorless camera, tripod and remote shutter
  • Wide angle lens (14-24mm as example)
  • Standard lens (24-70mm as example)
  • Telephoto lens (70-200mm as example)

Photographic lessons

  • Composition
  • Digital Workflow
  • Panoramic Photography
  • Depth of Field calculation
  • Focal Blending
  • Blue Hour Photography
  • Night photography
  • Filters, Neutral Density and Neutral Density Grads
  • Photoshop and Lightroom post-processing workflow




The price of this Mongolia Photo Tour is based on the participation of a minimum of 6 participants. In case there are not enough participants, the possibility of making the trip will be offered with an increase proportional to the price, or a 100% refund of the total paid.

The last time of exchange rate calculation was January 1st, 2021, the final price can be modified up to 30 days before the tour start.


The accommodations offered are shared double rooms at Hotels with private bathrooms and breakfast, shared Yurts & tends.

You can book an individual room during the process of the book your place for the photo tour or writing us at [email protected]


This tour includes all meals from dinner Day 1 till breakfast Day 15. Extra snacks or alcohol are not included.


Our tours include basic insurance, we suggest contracting full cover insurance. Contact us to expand your insurance coverage.


Our tours include all internal transports (cars, vans, trains, or flights). We don’t include international flights, but we will guide you at the moment of your booking the best options to arrive to the destiny from your home.


The itinerary mentioned can be changed due to a force major reasons like weather conditions or accidents for example.

Payment & Refunds

To book your place you need to pay 25% of the total cost. The total payment must be made 45 days before the trip.

This tour is done by Photography Workshops PhotoWorldTours SLU, due to illness or other reasons the trip may be made by another guide.


If the client cancel the trip will lose the deposit paid (25%), but refund other payments due this cancellation policy:

– More than 45 days but less than 60 days to the start of the tour: 50% of the total cost of the trip will be refunded.
– Less than 45 days before the trip start: There will be no refund.

Other considerations

Please, check the section “This tour include” and “This tour not include” to know more details about meals, guides or other services include.


Why Mongolia is so empty?

According to the extreme continental climate, and like in other nordic countries, the country is sparsely populated. The geography of the country doesn’t help too. On the border with China, there is the Gobi Desert in the South, and the North & West are full of mountain chains and volcanoes. 

Why you should visit Mongolia?

  • Wilderness landscapes
  • Golden eagle hunters with horses
  • Enjoy to warm up with a Ger stove
  • The contrast of Ulaanbaatar.
  • Live with Nomadic people. 
  • Climbing sand dunes.
  • Enjoy clear night skies.

Is safe to travel to Mongolia?

The country is safe for foreigners. Anyway, you should pay attention if you move alone to big cities as Ulaanbaatar. Also, if you visit the country during the Naadam summer festival or the Tsagaan Sar (Lunar New Year) we highly recommend you to move with local expert guides

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