8 tips to improve your photographer skills

Improve your photography skills

In this post we want to give you a few tips to improve your photo skills, whether you are just starting in photography or have been doing it for a long time. These points are not specifically technical, it’s inspirational ideas that will help you to improve as a photographer.

1. Talk before photograph

During your trips you will want to capture as much as possible. Spend time before bringing your eye to the camera to talk with the people you want to photograph. Know about them, ask simple questions, and make them feel comfortable before you start to photograph.

If you come and start photograph, you will become an intruder and you will intimidate them. Be emphatic, your photos will appreciate it.

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2. Use your equipment

We already mentioned in our post about the best cameras and lenses, don’t blame yourself for the equipment you don’t have it. Practice and explore compositions, use the manual mode, and learn about what kind of photographer you want to be.


3. Enjoy photography

It can sound basic, but travel photography or landscape photography is not as easy as it looks. Wait for a perfect moment in a specific location for hours to get the shoot you look requires passion. And sometimes it requires to wait with low temperatures or bad weather conditions.

ice cave baikal photography

4. Never give up

Don’t think that there is nothing impossible, all can be done. While you look for inspiration you could think that you can’t capture the same kind of photos. If anybody did before, of course, you can do it too. If anybody didn’t do doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

Also more important, don’t be around people that tell you that it can’t be done. Surround yourself with positive people. Persons that give you energy and/or ideas to improve yourself.

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5. Think before click

One of the biggest mistakes is to don’t think before making the photo. Take your time to visualize what you want to get: how it must look. Photo edition not will fix your mistakes in composition, shutter speed, focus…

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6. Don’t follow the crowd

Repeat the same photographs from famous locations it became a popular hobby for photographers. If you want to improve, try to capture these famous spots with different perspectives and of course look for new unexplored locations. Make the difference and create your own style.

improve your photo skills

7. Plan your photo

Travel and especially landscape photography requires planning. You must know when is the best possible light for the composition you have in mind. Or if you look how to photograph Northern Lights, you will need to know when can be seen in the location you have in mind. Check our post about apps for photographers if you need help with it!

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8. Bring your camera everywhere

Don’t forget your camera and have always close it. You will blame yourself if you don’t have it during a special situation that can happen during your trip (short or large).

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These are our tips to improve your photo skills, if you are advanced we hope it helps you too! Do you have more tips or advice? Write to us in the comment what do you think about it or give your own. Enjoy photography!

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