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China Photo Tour

Winter Landscapes & Ancient Villages Workshop

Our China Photo Tour, one of our most amazing destinations. During the tour, we will photograph the landscapes of the most famous mountains in the country, visiting the beautiful National Parks of Huangshan, Guilin and Zhangjiajie.

A Photographic Trip to China is an excellent opportunity to get in touch with nature, in one of the most impressive places on the planet. China is a perfect destination for all lovers of landscape photography, but in addition we will be visiting the ancient villages that surround these dreamy landscapes such as Pingan Zhuang and its rice terraces, or Phoenix ancient town, a town that has been anchored in time and that at night offers us spectacular views with its hanging houses on the river.

Winter China Pictures

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Arrive in Shangai

Start of the China photo tour. Firstly, we will meet at Shanghai airport where our driver will be waiting for us. We will have time to rest at the hotel and begin to acclimatize to the country. Depending on the arrival time of all the participants, we will value the possibility of going to photograph the Shanghai skyline. one of the most famous skylines in the world and that at sunset will offer us spectacular views of the new China.

Day 2Huangshan

This morning we will go to Huangshan on a fast train, which will take us into the country on the way to our first destination.
We will arrive at noon, with the necessary time to go up with the cable car to the top of the mountains of the Huangshan National Park. During the travel, we will be able to start photographing impressive aerial views of these mythical mountains.
After checking in at the hotel, we will go to our first location in the surroundings to take our first photographs at sunset from the ¨Lions Peak¨ or Shixin.
Once the sun goes down, we will only have to take a short walk to rest at our hotel and rest for the next day.

Day 3Huangshan

Today we will get up early again to get closer to the ¨Lions Peak¨ or Shixin, depending on the conditions, where we will photograph the sunrise. We will return to the hotel to have breakfast and recharge.
After breakfast, we will take a tour of the northern part of the park where we are staying. We will be photographing its incredible landscapes covered in snow and clouds that hide the bases of the peaks.
After lunch, we will have free time to take a break at the hotel. Before sunset, we will go out again with our cameras to prepare for another sunset from one of the multiple viewpoints of the area.

Day 4Huangshan

This time we will do the sunrise session at the ¨Lions Peak¨ or Shixin. So we will get up early again to search for magical lights.
After this session, we will return to the hotel for breakfast. To be closer to new locations, we will move to a hotel located on the other side of the park. The transfer will be made on foot, with the possibility of hiring local porters to carry our luggage.
For sunset, we will approach one of the most spectacular viewpoints such as “The Three Musketeers”.

Day 5Huangshan

Today we will make our sunrise from the ¨Glossy Summit¨ which we will easily access from our new hotel. As it ascends, the sun illuminates the scene between the peaks that protrude from the mist that forms in the morning. Once the session is over we will return to the hotel for breakfast.
After breakfast, we will explore this part of the park known for being one of the most classical for traditional Chinese painting. The conditions here make the sea of clouds more favorable to get amazing photographs.
After lunch, we will continue exploring the park. We will wait for the sunset from another of the park’s most famous and iconic viewpoints: Welcome to the Pine Tree.
Finally we will return to our hotel to rest on our last night in Huangshan.

Day 6Guilin

We will make our last sunrise in Huangshan before leaving for Guilin to finish our first part of the China Photo Tour. We will enjoy the snowy landscapes and return to the hotel for breakfast before collecting our luggage.
After breakfast, we will have time to photograph more routes in the park until lunch. After that we will take the cable car to the base of the mountain where they will be waiting to take us to the airport, where we will take a flight to Guilin.
We will arrive in Guilin at dusk, where we have a direct transfer to our hotel.

Day 7Xingping

Today we will leave soon to take a cruise on the Li river to Yangshuo, during it we will be able to start photographing the landscapes that await us for the next few days in Guilin National Park.
Once in Yangshuo, we will go to Xingping, a traditional Chinese town where in addition to its incredible mountains we will be able to photograph its famous cormorant fishermen at sunset using their traditional methods.
We will spend the night in the town, so we will have time after sunset to practice night photography through its streets, which at night maintain the ancient spirit of China since Xingping is not yet as massively touristized as Yangshuo.

Day 8Xingping

Today, we will capture the sunrise from one of the most famous viewpoints of the Li river, and after finishing our session, go back to town for breakfast.
Afterwards, we will approach the beautiful landscapes of Yangshuo, to capture the beauty of the environment. The typical images of these landscapes, with their classic mountains are enriched thanks to the Chinese ranchers who walk their fields with their animals or take care of their plantations dressed in traditional clothes.
For sunset, we will prepare to capture the last lights falling on the other most famous viewpoint in the area: Xiang Gong, where incredible sunsets are frequently enjoyed.

Day 9Yangshuo

Today we will be photographing the sunrise again from Xiang Gong, where sunrise usually offers better light over the Li River Valley.
After breakfast, we will return our way north to Longsheng to visit the towns of Pingan Zhuang and Yao, where we will be able to photograph the traditional Chinese life before arriving at one of the most charismatic views in the whole country such as the rice field terraces of Longji.
We will wait for the sunset from a viewpoint near our hotel, where we will rest our last night in the Guilin scenic area.

Day 10Longji

Today we will photograph our last sunrise in the Guilin National Park. We will capture today’s sunrise from another point of view of its mythical rice fields.
After breakfast, we will head to Guilin airport to take another flight to our last destination: Zhangjiajie and the incredible mountains of Tianmen, Tianzi or Yuanjiajie.
Upon arrival they will be waiting for us to take us directly to the Tianmenshan Cable Car to go up to the Tianmen Mountain. This cable car is the longest in the world, and during its almost half hour tour we will be able to enjoy incredible views. Upon reaching the top we can photograph its wonderful views from what is possibly the most incredible viewpoint in the world such as the Glass Skywalk. A 100-meter tour on a glass walkway over the cliffs of these impressive mountains.
Once this tour is finished, we will visit the Tianmen Caves, the highest natural karst cave in the world. We can also photograph the characteristic road that climbs to the top of the mountain known as the 99 curves where we will try to photograph the sunset before going down again with the cable car.
Once downstairs, they will be waiting for us to take us to the hotel for dinner and rest.

Day 11Zhangjiajie

Today we will go to photograph the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, as we have mentioned, one of the gems of the China Photo Tour. After breakfast, they will be waiting to take us to the cable car that will bring us to Huangshi (Yellow Lion), a huge platform elevated more than 1000 meters above sea level, which consists of huge cliffs and viewpoints from which we can see almost half from the Zhangjiajie Scenic Area. There is a famous saying that goes: “Who does not arrive at Huangshi village does not make a real visit to Zhangjiajie.”
In the afternoon, we will go to the base of the mountains with the cable car to walk through Golden Whip Brook. The tour will offer us incredible photographs of these iconic mountains surrounded by crystal clear waters and incredible vegetation, which together with the mists that form will allow us to take spectacular photographs of the cliffs of these iconic mountains.
At the end of our tour, we will return to our hotel to rest and go out to dinner in the center of town. At night their neons will allow us to take social photography and typical Chinese architecture before going to sleep.

Day 12Tianzi

Today we will go with the cable car to the Tianzi mountains, from where the same climb we will be able to enjoy the impressive views that surround these mountains and valleys. We will walk along the path walking among waterfalls, bridges, stone forests and caves that will offer us incredible photographs of these places that inspired the Avatar movie.
In winter and with the first snowfalls, they will offer us incredible views with the snow-capped peaks and their impressive cliffs. After eating, we will take a bus that will take us to the nucleus of Wulingyuan, a mysterious, magical and primitive place. We will photograph a natural bridge that connects two mountains, and then we will arrive at one of the most iconic points of the natural park such as the Qiankun column, or better known as Hallelujah Mountain in the Avatar movie. To go down, we will take the Bailong elevator (Hundred Dragons Elevator), which is registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the elevator with the highest capacity and highest in the world.
After our session, we will return to the hotel for dinner and take a last walk around Zhangjiajie.

Day 13Baofeng

We will get up early to arrive early in one of the most spectacular lakes in China: Baofeng Lake. We will take a boat to visit the park from its waters and photograph spectacular views of its cliffs among the mist that usually forms in the heights.
At the end of our tour we will go south to know one of the most photogenic and impressive towns in the whole country: Fenghuang, or also known as the ancient city of the Phoenix. Its hanging houses on the banks of the river and its traditional architecture will offer us spectacular images of this town surrounded by mountains, which at dusk and especially at dusk will allow us to take incredible photographs that are difficult to repeat in another part of the planet.
After dining at one of the many restaurants in the city, we will go to rest at our hotel in town.

Day 14Fenghuang

We will get up early to be ready to photograph the incredible sunrises that are enjoyed in Fenghuang, the morning mist bathes the river adding a touch of mystery to the wonderful architecture. Once our session is over, we will return to Zhangjiajie, where we will take a flight on our way to Shanghai.
Once in Shanghai, and depending on the strength we have left, we will study the possibility of returning to the Bund area to take panoramic views of the city skyline at sunset.
We will rest in the hotel, on our last night in the country.

Day 15End of the trip

Today we will do our last sunrise session in Shanghai before heading back to the Shanghai International Airport and finishing the China photo tour.

China Map

Photographer Guide(s)

javier de la torre photo tours

Javier de la Torre


Born in Madrid, in 1975, his first steps in photography were when he was a child, playing and learning the basis thanks to his father, also a photographer, who allowed Javier to play with his cameras.

His photography is basically focused on landscape photography, specializing in night
photography and arctic photography. Additionally, he shot cityscapes.

Since a few years ago, Javier is a professional photographer, traveling around the world looking for the best light on the most amazing places on earth. Especially he develops his career by doing several trips to the Arctic chasing the Northern Lights and looking for the beauty of raw nature.

More info

Departure & Return Location

Shanghai international airport, China

Price Includes

  • Accommodation in twin rooms with private bathroom
  • All transportations during the tour, including internal flights & trains
  • Entrance fees to all National Parks
  • All excursions mentioned in the itinerary
  • Photographer Guide
  • Local guide(s)
  • Basic travel insurance

Price Excludes


  • DSLR or mirrorless camera, tripod and remote shutter
  • Wide angle lens (14-24mm as example)
  • Standard lens (24-70mm as example)
  • Telephoto lens (70-200mm as example)

Photographic lessons

  • Composition
  • Digital Workflow
  • Panoramic Photography
  • Depth of Field calculation
  • Focal Blending
  • Blue Hour Photography
  • Night photography
  • Filters, Neutral Density and Neutral Density Grads
  • Photoshop and Lightroom post-processing workflow

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