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Eduardo Fuster

Co Founder / Photographer


Spanish photographer & teacher, living for the last 3 years in St Petersburg, Russia. His photos was published in magazines as National Geographic, Vogue, El Pais, Washington Post … Also worked in Real Estate photography for large luxury companies in the USA. He also was working for the last 15 years in video design, collaborating in ads campaigns for Nike, Carrefour, Nivea, Hiberdrola, Tourism of Spain… His photographs were recognized in different international conquests. As an example the 1st place in Sunrises & Sunsets 35 awards 2019. Also get honorable mentions in the fine art photography awards 2018,2017,2016, Monochrome visions, 35 Awards 2018 & 2017 as an example. 



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Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

Japan Photo Tours 

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Algarve, Portugal

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View of Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

North France Photo Tour 

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Kamchatka Photo Tour 

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Mongolia Photo Tour

Mongolia Photo Tour 

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Scotland Photo Tour

Scotland Photo Tour 

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Phone : (+7) 911 786 70 61

Whatsapp : (+34) 679 96 93 32

Email : [email protected]