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Jabi Sanz

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I have been fascinated by the possibilities of photography since my trip to Iceland in Aug 2017. I grew up in Pamplona, a small city in the North of Spain. My parents always used to take me to explore nature, not far from my city. We have the incredible Pyrenees just an hour from home. But I never had a camera or a passion for photography till that trip to Iceland, where I bought my current camera. That country blew my mind and now I can’t live without photography. I think photography makes me connect to nature in a different way than I have ever experienced before. Nature is my inspiration, with all the beauty, variety of colours, sounds and compositions. Nature has made me travel and get to know places that I didn’t t think before I would go.

I live in the world today, but there are places on Earth attached to my soul: Bali, Indonesia and Koh Lipe island in Thailand. Those are where I mostly live these days. I love these two islands, with their remarkable atmosphere of fishing villages, sailing adventures, incredible hikes and incredible hidden germs.



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Bali beach, Indonesia

Indonesia: Java & Bali 

From 1,695€  
Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

Japan: Country Essences 

From 3,150€  
Tre Cime, Dolomites, Italy

Dolomites: Italian alps landscapes 

From 1,995€  1,695€ 
Provence lavender fields in Valensole, France

Provence Lavender Fields: Valensole 

From 1,750€  1,495€ 
Los Urros, Spain

Spain: Forest & Seascapes 

From 995€  
Windmills Amsterdam, Netherlands

Netherlands: Amsterdam & Windmills 

From 2,195€  1,795€ 
Reine, Hamnoy, Lofoten Islands, Norway

Lofoten Islands: Norway Arctic Landscapes 

From 1,750€  1,495€ 

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