Photograph the rising sun country

Japan photo tour

Check our Japan photo tours and travel to the rising sun country in our guided tours. Visit Japan during the Sakura season or capture the autumn colors during the Momiji, also visit the minimalist landscapes of Hokkaido during winter. A country with plenty of contrasts from the main cities to the small villages. 

Our workshops in Japan are always based on groups of 4 participants per photographer guide. It means that you will get personalized attention during all trips.

Our trips


Winter Hokkaido photo tour

12 Days
Availability : Jan 17th - 28th
Min Age : 18+
Max People : 8
Join our Hokkaido photo tour: Japan winter. 12 days to photograph the most amazing japanesse island, minimalist landscapes and unique wildlife.
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spring Japan photo tour

Spring Japan Photo Tour: Sakura

15 days
Availability : March 27th to April 10th
Min Age : 18+
Max People : 8
Join our Japan Photo tour in Spring and photograph the Sakura with our professional guides. Tokyo, Kyoto, Mount Fuji... the best of Japan in 15 days
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JAPAN autumn photo tour

Autumn Japan Photo Tour

15 Days
Availability : Nov 20th - Dec 4th
Min Age : 18+
Max People : 8
The Autumn Japan photo tour is an excellent opportunity to photograph the landscapes, temples & parks of Japan in an incredible season as is autumn.
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Travels during all year

Do you doubt when to travel to Japan? As specialists in travel to Japan, we can suggest the best season for your trip. Also, we have prepared different routes to visit the main spots, so you can enjoy the beauty of Japan during spring, autumn, or winter

Best season to visit Japan

What do you want to see on your trip to Japan? Landscapes or cityscapes? Nature or temples? Japan can be enjoyed all year, but each season has different things to do. Sakura in Japan is the perfect moment to visit the main cities when cherry blossom offers amazing views. Autumn in Japan offers the possibility to enjoy the landscapes and temples with golden & red colors. Finally, winter offers you minimal landscapes in Hokkaido.

Sakura in Japan

Private trips

We also organize handmade Japan photo tours created by our photographer guides and specialists in Japan.

Our custom photo tours can be similar to any of our Japan photo tour with special accommodations or places you will prefer to visit. 

Any of our tours are for everyone interested in visit photogenic scenes far from the touristic spots of Japan. Even if you are not a photographer, we will bring you to the hidden gems of the country. We customize your trip to visit your favorite spots at the right time. Thanks to our experience, we will offer you infinite possibilities to choose during your next trip to Japan. If you a photo lover, you will the photo opportunities that Japan has. But also if you not need to capture with your camera you will experience breathtaking moments

Write to us, and we will prepare a perfect Japan photo tour along the thousands of locations we have in mind or discover new ones according to your wishes.

Japan photography workshop Map locations

Information to travel to Japan

  • Can you travel to Japan now?

    No, with the actual situation travel to Japan is impossible for almost all countries.

  • Which currency is used in Japan?

    In Japan, the currency is the Japanese Yen. You can convert your currency to the actual ratio here

    Don’t think that you can pay all with a credit card in Japan. Although you can’t pay in euros, you can convert once there to the Japanese Yen at the same airport. We suggest to change around 300-500 euros or dollars and use your travel credit card there. 

  • How much money will you need for your trips to Japan?

    You should plan to spend around ¥3,000 ($28) per day on our photo tours in Japan, which is the average daily price based on meals that are not included.

  • Why is food so cheap in Japan?

    It´s because the purchasing power and standard of living of the Japanese are very high. You can buy a decent meal with a low budget. As a basic necessity, the food is relatively inexpensive compared to the level of life in Japan.

  • Do I need a Visa to visit Japan?

    To enter Japan you need a passport and a visa unless you are from a country which is visa-exempt. In case you need it, the Japanese government is going to introduce the e-visa. In case is not currently implemented, you will need to visit the Japanese embassy or consulate to apply for a visa.

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