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improve travel photography

How to do travel photography: 20 Tips to Improve your Photos

How to do travel photography? When you come home after your trip, probably you are not happy with your photos, and see the same boring photos are millions of people are taking of his travels. Use this post to discover how to do travel photography to start taking better photos on your next trip! What...
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cherry blossom in Japan

See Cherry Blossom in Japan: Forecast to enjoy the Sakura

Spring in Japan See Cherry Blossom in Japan is one of the most incredible experiences for all kinds of photographers. But when to travel to Japan in spring for cherry blossoms? Since the moment you decided to travel to Japan, you will want to photograph in full bloom, but according to the area you are...
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photo tours & workshops

Travel to Baikal Lake, an adventure in Siberia

A travel to Baikal Lake that began after seeing some images of Daniel Kordan. I had in mind to travel to many other places before, but it all came together to go here. As many of you know, I spend about half of the year in Thailand and the rest of the year traveling. A...
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See Autumn Colours in Japan: Forecast 2020 to enjoy the Momiji

Fall in Japan For most of the people the spring in Japan is the most iconic season of the year, but we can say that autumn is even more beautiful as the colors its more spectacular and you can see in the most of locations you can visit. But when to see autumn colors in...
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what bring photo travel tour workshop equipment

What to bring to a photo tour or photography workshop? 25 things you should take

What to bring to a photo tour? When you are planning to do a photo tour, you must think double than a usual traveler. There is not only a place for clothes and personal belongings, must be space for all the camera equipment as tripods, lenses, camera or cameras, filters… There is a moment before...
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