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Situation about our Photo Tours and Workshops during this crisis

This an update about how our photo tours are going to be working for the next months. With international travel impossible right now and the doubts of how it will be in the future, we needed to make some changes to the conditions of future travels.

This post is an update of our terms & conditions while this crisis will be affecting the world. As google punishes all websites using the famous name of this virus, we will be avoiding it and calling just as a crisis. So here are our new conditions for our photo tours.

Old dutch windmill at sunset in Kinderdijk, Netherlands

Future Cancellations

Our nearest photo tour in Netherland must start on the 1st of August, but still, we can’t be sure that at this time we can flight and travel normally. We are planning for the worst, and it will mean there not will be an option to travel again for the whole year.

All the trips for the future will be depending on each government’s decisions, as they can open borders or close to certain countries. For example, Iceland has its borders open but countries as Spain don’t have international flights available.

What Happens with a Postponement?

For all future tours that you already book and want to postpone, we will give you 3 options:

  1. All payments will be moved to the next data of the same photo tour or another trip, keeping the price even if it’s run in 2021 and with a discount of 5%.
  2. Cancel the tour and receive 50% of your paid in a refund and the other 50% for a future tour (same destiny or different).
  3. Cancel and receive 100%.

What about a Cancelled Trip?

If we cancel a photo tour, the participants will have 2 options:

  1. A full refund issued within 7 days.
  2. The option to forward any amount paid to a future trip.  The rest of them will be refunded within 7 days.

Crisis Time Cancellation Policy

We charge a fee for cancellations, as we explain in our terms and conditions of payment) of 20% of full payment for cancellations made with less than 90 days.  Any cancellation within 30 days of the tour start date results in a loss of all payments.

This policy has changed for the time being to:

During the Time of Crisis

During this time of crisis, we not will charge any fee cancellation if you cancel a tour before 15 days to the start of the tour.

Final payments are delayed until just 15 days before the trip start date.  This way, there’s no risk of waiting to see what happens.  Any cancellation on final payments will result in an 80% refund + 20% credit to a future trip.  

No Risk Deposits

Moreover, since we don’t want people worrying about losing deposits, any deposit made between now and the end of July is penalty-free.  If you pay a deposit on a future trip between now and July 15th, and you need to cancel for whatever reason, the full deposit will be refunded.

Also, we apply a 10% discount to all our tours, for bookings during this time.

Stay at home, your health is our priority

We all wish that this crisis finishes soon, but for now, we must stay at home until the situation get better. If you want to plan your next photo tour, or learn photography now it’s a great moment for so. We will be glad that you join us on our next tours with safety. So we can be sure that we can enjoy destiny without worry about anything else than do photos.

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Also, you can check this website, about the actual situation of each country if you are planning to travel on your own. Stay safe and let’s help to finish this crisis as soon as possible.

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