Private Trips

Where to travel?

Choose the place

You can choose any of our ready photo tours or upcoming, but also you can tell us where do you want to go. We are experts travelers & photographers, this way we have already prepared trips all around the world. We will study your dreams, to plan the tour in better conditions to take incredible photos.

When to go?

Choose the data

Tell us which dates adjust better to your schedule. We will help you to choose the best days for your trip, according to the photograph conditions in the destiny you want to visit. Northern lights, for example, can be viewed in several months, festivals in India have exact dates or Sakura & autumn colors if you want a trip in Japan according to the season, but also the weeks according to the place you want to visit. Together we will choose the best possible data, so your private group enjoy the destiny to come back home with the best photos.

How much spend?

Improve your trip

We prepare tours according to the best relationship price-quality: hotels, transports, duration… but we can improve the services including in the tours to give to your group a luxury service. Extra activities as balloon or helicopter excursions or ice caves, are possible to add according to your budget. Also if you look for economical tours, we can reduce the costs taking out services of our tours or looking for shared rooms that will make your group fill comfortable and enjoy the photographic tour.

Contact us and tell about your plans

Write us an email or call us to know about your group